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Archaeological Projects Win 2016 Ohio History Fund Grants

The Fort Recovery Historical Society received $17,500 for an archaeological field school and ground penetrating radar (GPR) survey at Fort Recovery. A newly discovered 1793 map of Fort Recovery and the GPR survey of the area around the fort will guide archaeological excavations during the field school. These efforts will likely revise current understandings of the fort and one of the two nationally significant battles that occurred there during the Ohio Indian Wars of the 1790s.

Heartland Earthworks Conservancy (HEC) received $10,000 for a magnetometer survey of 35 acres at the Steel Earthworks, Ross County. The survey will enable HEC and its preservation partners to better plan for the conservation of important archaeological features at this Ohio Hopewell ceremonial earthwork site.

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Support for Senate Concurrent Resolution 16

Please contact your state of Ohio legislators requesting their support for Senate Concurrent Resolution 16, supporting the nomination of Ohio’s Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks to UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

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New OAC Website Administrator Announced

After many years of often unrecognized work, Brian Redmond has stepped down as the OAC website administrator as of January 1, 2016. Please join me in thanking Brian for his many years of tireless effort on the OAC’s behalf! We could not have moved the website forward without his dedication. 

Through the efforts of Al Tonetti, ASC Group President Shaune Skinner has generously agreed to have ASC’s Tina Davis take over administration of the OAC’s website from Brian. Many years ago Tina began working at ASC as an archaeology field tech, then moved to supervisor, and has since transitioned to Cartography and IT. Please join me in welcoming Tina and in thanking Shaune Skinner! The OAC could not continue to promote the advancement of Ohio archaeology without the support of members like Shaune.


Columbus Dispatch Editorial Urges New Laws to Protect Native American Burial Sites

Protect the past:

Ohio should do more to deter and punish those who plunder history...

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Ohio Archaeological Council Files Friend of the Court Brief on NAGPRA Case in the U.S. Supreme Court

On December 17, 2015, the Ohio Archaeological Council and Drs. Brian Kemp (Molecular Anthropologist, Washington State University) and Eske Willerslev (Evolutionary Biologist, University of Denmark), filed a friend of the court brief in support of White et al. v. University of California, et al. at the United States Supreme Court. This case concerns the proposed repatriation of the 9,000 year old La Jolla human remains. The brief was prepared by OAC Trustee Dr. Bradley T. Lepper and former OAC member and attorney Bradley K. Baker, as authorized by the OAC’s Board of Directors. The OAC filed a very similar brief regarding the interpretation of NAGPRA in the Kennewick Man case (Bonnichsen v. United States).

Our brief contends that the La Jolla human remains are not "Native American" as defined by NAGPRA, they have profound scientific importance, and repatriating the remains would damage NAGPRA’s delicate balance among the scientific and museum communities, Federal agencies, and Native Americans in the treatment of these and other ancient human remains.

The brief can be read here:


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