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Who We Are

Officers & Committee Members

(2022, 2023, 2024)=last full year of service; term ends upon election of a successor in the fall of the year indicated.

Executive Officers

President (two-year term): Beth Hoag (2025)
President-elect (two-year term): Chris Kraska (2025)
Secretary (three-year term): Erica Schneider (2024) 
Treasurer (three-year term): Kevin Nolan (interim 2024) 

Trustees (three-year terms)

Nominations: Jessica Clark (2024)
Publications: Brian Redmond (2025)
Grants and Education: Kevin Schwarz (2025)
Native American Concerns: Tyler Swinney (2024)
Government Affairs: Al Tonetti (2026)
Membership: Justin Zink (2026)

Standing Committees (two-year terms)

Government Affairs:
Al Tonetti, Chair
Andy Coogle (2026)

Thomas Zych (2026)

Education and Grants:
Kevin Schwarz, Chair
Emma Lagan (2026)

Wes Clarke (2026)

Justin Zink, Chair
Andy Sewell (2026)

Native American Concerns:
Tyler Swinney, Chair
David Lamp (2026)

Lance Greene (2026)

Jessica Clark, Chair
Stephanie Kline (2026)
Justin Zink (2026)

Brian Redmond, Chair
John Stroman (2026)

Website Manager:

Eric Olson

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