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Who We Are

Officers & Committee Members

(2022, 2023, 2024)=last full year of service; term ends upon election of a successor in the fall of the year indicated.

Executive Officers

President (two-year term): Eric Olson (2023)
President-elect (two-year term): Beth Hoag (2023)
Secretary (three-year term): Erica Schneider (2024)
Treasurer (three-year term): Jarrod Burks (2023)

Trustees (three-year terms)

Nominations: Jessica Clark (2024)
Publications: Brian Redmond (2022)
Grants: Kevin Schwarz (2022)
Native American Concerns: Tyler Swinney (2024)
Education: Vacant
Government Affairs: Al Tonetti (2023)
Membership: Justin Zink (2023)

Standing Committees (two-year terms)

Vacant, Chair
Wes Clarke (2022)
Emma Lagan (2023)
Hanne Willeck (2023)

Government Affairs:
Al Tonetti, Chair
Andy Sewell (2022)
Megan Shaeffer (2023)
Mike Striker (2023)

Kevin Schwarz, Chair
Bob Chidester (2023)
Linda Pansing (2022)
Karen Royce (2022)

Justin Zink, Chair
Bill Kennedy (2023) 
Mason Waugh (2022)
Melissa Baltus Zych (2022)

Native American Concerns:
Tyler Swinney, Chair
Lance Greene (2023)
Christine Thompson (2023)
Jay Toth (2022)

Jessica Clark, Chair
Stephanie Kline (2023)
Ann Lee (2022)
Justin Zink (2023)

Brian Redmond, Chair
Ann DuFresne (2022)
Joni Manson (2022)
David Snyder (2023)

Website Manager:

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