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OAC Letter on the Spirit Cave Man Case

The following letter was recently submitted to "Friends of America's Past" by OAC President Elliot Abrams.  It discusses evidence used in the case of Spirit Cave Man remains. 

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CRM-Boon to Ohio Archaeology

            The year 2006 marks the 100th anniversary of the Antiquities Act, an important federal law giving the President of the United States the power to protect certain federally owned or controlled historic properties, including archaeological sites, by designating them National Monuments, and giving federal land managers the power to regulate who conducts archaeological investigations on federal lands, where artifacts removed from such lands can be curated, and protect sites from looters (McManamon and Anderson 2006).  It also marks the 40th anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), the nation’s principal historic preservation law that, among other things, requires federal agencies to take into account the affects of their actions on historic properties. (Continued)

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Announcing the OAC Award Program

At the  OAC Fall 2006 Membership meeting, President Elliot Abrams announced the creation of an awards program for OAC members.  Awards will be presented at the annual Fall meeting, and nominations can be made by any member in the categories of Public Awareness, Scholarship, or Service.    Founding OAC member Martha Otto received the first Service Award at the Fall Meeting, and, in her honor, this category will now be known as the "Otto Award."   A fourth category is the "Board of Directors Award" which is open to non-members.  Descriptions, eligibility, selection criteria, and nomination information for each of these awards are posted on the Council information pages.
President Abrams presents the first Otto Award to Martha Otto.

OAC Government Affairs Committee Report--October 28, 2006

Federal Government


Fiscal Year (FY) 2007 (October 1, 2006 – September 30, 2007) Appropriation Bills

With the end of FY 2006, Congress adjourned without passing a number of FY 2007 federal agency and program budgets.  They did, however, pass a continuing resolution providing continuing funding.  Congress is scheduled to return to Washington, D.C., in November for a brief post-election session.  During that time they will work on the FY 2007 appropriation bills that they did not pass in the last session.  It is likely that these bills will be combined into one omnibus appropriations bill. 


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OAC Comments on Possible Impacts to the Hopewell Road

In the last few months, the OAC has requested consulting party status and commented on two projects which may adversely impact possible segments of the Hopewell Road.  Included below are copies of this correspondence.  Further details on these projects will be presented in a future report from the Government Affairs Committee--Ed.


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President's Letter in Support of H.R. 6043

OAC members,      The following letter was sent to several Representatives thanking them for their support of HR 6043. This bill seeks to ensure that NAGPRA is interpreted as it was originally intended, requiring a secure affiliation between living groups and the archaeological skeletal remains prior to repatriation." - Elliot Abrams, President

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