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Research Articles and Abstracts

Articles and Abstracts 2021

Technical Descriptions of Artifacts from the Dresden Mound Cache, Ohio

Metin I. Eren1,2*, Damon Mullen1, Linda Spurlock1, Bob Christy3, G. Logan Miller4, Briggs Buchanan5, Jennifer Bush6, and Michelle R. Bebber1*


We describe artifacts from a terminal Middle Woodland cache excavated from Dresden Mound, Ohio, including 17 flaked stone projectile points, a slate gorget, sheets of mica, and a stone celt. Our descriptions include morphometrics, microwear, and high-resolution images. We also provide a brief written description of human bone associated with the cache. Given the lack of contextual data associated with the cache, we cannot make any broad conclusions. However, we anticipate our reported descriptions and recorded data will be of use to other researchers and other interested parties. We conclude the report with some preliminary thoughts on two phenomena relevant to flaked stone technology: bi-beveling and resharpening.

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