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Research Articles and Abstracts

Articles and Abstracts 2021

Late Archaic and Early Woodland Stone Tools from Killbuck, Holmes County, Ohio

Damon Mullen1 , G. Logan Miller2 , Briggs Buchanan3 , Fernando Diez-Martin4, Todd St. John5, Metin I. Eren1,6 , Michelle R. Bebber1


  In summer 2019 Kent State archaeologists, students, and colleagues visited Killbuck, Ohio in order to assess the archaeological potential of a possible rockshelter. The “shelter” turned out to be no more than the undercut of a small creek. However, upon returning to the location where vehicles had been parked, we noticed several pieces of lithic debitage in the recently plowed field, which we are provisionally calling the T.S.J. site (Figure 1). With permission of the landowner, over the course of an hour we collected a sample of the lithic specimens. Here, we report specimen counts and weights, temporally diagnostic artifacts and their morphometrics, and microwear. Following our usual practice when working with and publishing with collectors and avocational archaeologists (Bebber et al. 2017; Boulanger et al. 2021; Eren et al. 2016, 2018, 2019; Norris et al. 2019; Perrone et al. 2020; Werner et al. 2017), all specimens have been donated to, and are now curated by, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

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