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Research Articles and Abstracts

Articles and Abstracts 2021

Central Ohio Archaeological Digitization Survey: Preliminary Report

Eric C. Olson1,  Kevin C. Nolan2,  and Michael J. Shott3

     The Central Ohio Archaeological Digitization Survey (COADS) is a collaborative research project between Ball State University, the University of Akron, and over a dozen private collectors from Ohio to Colorado funded by the National Science Foundation (BCS #1723879 and BCS #1723877). COADS’ three primary goals are to 1) investigate patterns of land use and technology over long expanses of past time in central Ohio (see Nolan 2014), and 2) to leverage the large, if selective, datasets of private collectors for analytical purposes (characterizing point types using geometric morphometrics methods and modeling the transitions between types).  Finally, COADS is also designed to serve as a model of productive collaboration between archaeologists and responsible collectors that, among other things, will greatly increase relevant sample sizes (Pitblado and Shott 2015; Shott 2008; 2015). The goal of this paper is to summarize the initial results of collaboration with local collectors, who own the majority of projectile points across the Midwest (Shott 2017), and general patterns interpreted from one of the largest amassed projectile point databases in the world.

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