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This list of past publications are all currently out of print. Most copies of these books can be found at your local library, through OhioLink, or through Inter-Library Loan.

Thematic Issue: Celebrating Ohio's Historical Archaeology

Thematic Issue: Celebrating Ohio's Historical Archaeology

Published as Volume 18, Ohio Valley Historical Archaeology
Edited by Donald B. Ball
© 2004 Symposium on Ohio Valley Urban and Historic Archaeology

This publication contains 14 papers and 6 extended abstracts* commemorating Ohio's Bicentennial of 2003. The majority of the articles and extended abstracts in this volume were presented at the Ohio Archaeological Council's "The Archaeology of History in the Ohio Region" conference in Toledo, Ohio, in 1998.

Table of Contents

  • Historical Archaeology in the Ohio Region: Its Past, Present, and Future, G. Michael Pratt and Al Tonetti
  • Two Historic Indian Cemeteries, Verna L. Cowin
  • Schoenbrunn Revisited: Modern Attempts to Interpret a Late Eighteenth Century Experiment, Sue Goehring and David Snyder
  • Takatchenoke Wigwa: Salvage investigations at the Wapaughkonetta Shawnee Council House Site, Wapakoneta, Ohio, Stanley W. Baker
  • The Post-Mortem Fate of Revolutionary War Soldiers from Feature 85, the Mass Grave, at Fort Laurens, Ohio, Anne B. Lee
  • *Trauma in Colonial Period Military Personnel: The Fort Laurens, Ohio, Skeletal Sample, Cheryl A. Johnston, Matt Williamson, Steven Symes, and John Schultz
  • Remote Sensing Surveys at the Fallen Timbers Battlefield National Historic Site, G. Michael Pratt
  • *Johnson's Island Civil War Military Prison: A Review, David R. Bush
  • Log Cabin Archaeology: Its Potential and Assessment by Academia and Cultural Resource Management in Ohio, Craig S. Keener
  • Historical Archaeology at Adena: An Early Nineteenth Century Plantation in Ohio, Craig S. Keener
  • *Opening the West to the American System: Changes in the Material Culture of Nineteenth Century Cleveland, Davis S. Brose, Alfred M. Lee, and Stephanie J. Belovich
  • *The Park, Edmunds, and Park Glass Factory: 1826-1831, David S. Brose
  • Excavations at Chrisholm: A Nineteenth Century Amish-Mennonite Farmstead Comes to Life, Robert A. Genheimer
  • Ohio Buhr Millstones: The Flint Ridge and Raccoon Creek Quarries, Charles D. Hockensmith
  • Digging the Necessary: Privy Archaeology in the Central Ohio Valley, Robert A. Genheimer
  • Maritime and Industrial Archaeology of the Kelleys Island Limestone Industry, Charles E. Herdendorf, C. Patrick Labadie, and W. Kevin Pape
  • After the Thaw: Investigation Results of a Nineteenth to Mid-Twentieth Century Rural Upland South Community at a Cold War-Era Nuclear Facility in Pike County, Ohio, John F. Schweikart and Kevin Coleman
  • Forensic Faunal Analysis: The Application of Zooarchaeological Techniques to Situations with Potential Legal Significance, Anne B. Lee
  • *The Application of Archaeological Techniques to Crime Scene Investigations, Frank Saul, Julie M. Saul, and G. Michael Pratt
  • *A Body in the Basement: Historic Archaeology Applied to a Forensic Death Scene Investigation, John F. Schweikart and Cheryl A. Johnston

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