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This list of past publications are all currently out of print. Most copies of these books can be found at your local library, through OhioLink, or through Inter-Library Loan.

A View From the Core: A Synthesis of Ohio Hopewell Archaeology

A View From the Core: A Synthesis of Ohio Hopewell Archaeology

Edited by Paul J. Pacheco
Ohio Archaeological Council © 1996

A View From the Core contains the Proceedings of The Ohio Archaeological Council, Inc. conference on Recent Research Into Ohio Hopewell Archaeology, held in the Hopewell heartland of Chillicothe, Ohio on November 19-20,1993. This volume is the second in a series of Ohio Archaeological Council conference publications on recent archaeological research into Ohio area prehistory.

This nearly 500-page illustrated, smyth sewn, paper-bound volume includes the following articles:

  • Jack Blosser – The 1984 Excavation at 12D29s: A Middle Woodland Village in Southeastern Indiana
  • A. Martin Byers – Social Structure and the Pragmatic Meaning of Material Culture: Ohio Hopewell as Ecclesiastical-Communal Cult
  • Jeff Carskadden and James Morton – The Middle Woodland-Late Woodland Tradition in the Central Muskingum Valley of Eastern Ohio: A View From the Philo Archaeological District
  • Donald R. Cochran – The Adena-Hopewell Convergence in East Central Indiana
  • Robert P. Connolly – Prehistoric Land Modification at the Fort Ancient Hilltop Enclosure: A Model of Formal and Accretive Development
  • C. Wesley Cowan – Social Implications of Ohio Hopewell Art
  • William S. Dancey – Putting An End to Ohio Hopewell
  • Robert A. Genheimer – Bladelets Are Tools Too: The Predominance of Bladelets Among Formal Tools at Ohio Hopewell Sites
  • N'omi Greber – A Commentary on the Contexts and Contents of Large to Small Ohio Hopewell Deposits
  • James B. Griffin – The Hopewell Housing Shortage in Ohio, A.D. 1-350
  • Rebecca Hawkins – Revising the Ohio Middle Woodland Ceramic Typology: New Information from the Twin Mounds West Site
  • J.M. Heilman and Lynn M. Mahoney – The Purdom Mound Group; The Dayton Museum of Natural History's Excavation and a Synopsis of the Excavations of Adams and Bailey
  • Bradley T. Lepper – The Newark Earthworks and the Geometric Enclosures of the Scioto Valley: Connections and Conjectures
  • Robert C. Mainfort, Jr. – Pinson Mounds and the Middle Woodland Period in the Midsouth and Lower Mississippi Valley [conference keynote address]
  • James A. Marshall – Towards a Definition of the Ohio Hopewell Core and Periphery Utilizing the Geometric Earthworks
  • Paul J. Pacheco – Ohio Hopewell Regional Settlement Patterns
  • William H. Pickard – 1990 Excavations at Capitolium Mound (33WNI3), Marietta, Washington County, Ohio: A Working Evaluation
  • Olaf H. Prufer – Core and Periphery: The Final Chapter on Ohio Hopewell
  • Robert V. Riordan – The Enclosed Hilltops of Southern Ohio
  • William F. Romain – Hopewellian Geometry; Forms at the Interface of Time and Eternity
  • Mark F. Seeman – The Ohio Hopewell Core and its Many Margins; Deconstructing Upland and Hinterland Relations
  • Curtis H. Tomak and Frank N. Burkett – Decorated Leather Objects From the Mount Vernon Site, A Hopewell Site in Posey County, Indiana
  • Kent D. Vickery – Flint Raw Material Use in Ohio Hopewell
  • Dee Anne Wymer – The Ohio Hopewell Econiche: Human-Land Interaction in the Core Area

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