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Promoting the Advancement of Archaeology in Ohio Since 1975

The Ohio Archaeological Council is a private, non-profit corporation registered with the State of Ohio in 1975 as a charitable scientific and educational organization promoting the advancement of archaeology in Ohio. The Ohio Archaeological Council consists of professional archaeologists, avocational archaeologists, and interested students of Ohio archaeology. Membership is open to all persons and institutions with an interest in Ohio archaeology.

Journal of Ohio Archaeology

Written by Brian Redmond on August 29, 2014
Abstract Freshwater bivalves recovered from two trash-filled storage pits excavated at the Late Prehistoric Hahn site near Cincinnati, Ohio are analyzed....

Latest News

Written by Brian Redmond on September 30, 2014
On Sunday, September 14th Dr. N'omi M. Beeman Greber, a long-time member and former Vice President of the Ohio Archaeological Council, an accomplished...
Written by Bradley Lepper on September 22, 2014
University of California professors Timothy White, Robert Bettinger, and Margaret Schoeninger are suing to keep their university from turning over two...