The Applied Anthropology Laboratories has an opening for a Project Archaeologist position.  The Applied Anthropology Laboratories is a highly productive research and community outreach Institute within the College of Sciences and Humanities that engages undergraduate and graduate students in hands-on in learning, building transferable skills, and building a record of competencies in their discipline to prepare them for productive careers. We perform a wide range of research and service for a wide variety of community partners funded by agencies from the National Parks Service, to National Science Foundation, to the National Endowment for the Humanities, and private clients. 

The Project Archaeologist position as a Full-Time, Professional Staff, benefits-eligible position.

The Applied Anthropology Laboratories (AAL) continues its >40-year history providing experiential learning opportunities for students in Anthropology and related disciplines. AAL prepares Ball State students for a variety of jobs through paid opportunities to work with community partners.The AAL makes substantive contributions to four of the five goals of Destination 2040: Our Flight Path, advancing student preparation and impactful research while engaging a variety of external community partners.

AAL’s mission is to provide students experience in their chosen field, aiding them in translating classroom ideas into action, building transferable skills, and paving the way to fulfilling careers. To accomplish this, AAL staff maintain a diverse array of externally contracts and grants generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding annually. These funded projects create various applied performance opportunities for students.

Our motto is “Learn. Work. Discover.” This really captures the opportunities we provide to our students. Students learn how to work in their chosen field while making new scholarly discoveries, all while providing valuable services and products to outside community partners.

The AAL teaches students how to be professionals, preparing them for fulfilling careers while advancing many different community engaged projects. From working with American Indian tribes to publicly present a more accurate interpretation of their history, to helping communities and private firms comply with federal regulations to make desired economic development improvements, to helping local historical societies manage their collections and interpretations for their audiences. We are student-focused. We are community-engaged. We conduct high quality research. We #LearnWorkDiscover! We Fly!

For more information, contact Dr. Kevin C. Nolan, Director (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

The posting and more information is located on AAL's website here.