Please consider donating all or part of your state income tax refund to the Ohio History Fund, line 26a on your IT 1040 return. More than 12,000 tax filers did so last year, with the average donation around $10. Combined with other support, there was more than $130,000 to grant this year. This year’s grant recipients will be announced next month.

Since the Ohio History Fund started in 2012, it has made 78 grants for a total of nearly $739,000. There is an even greater need: the Ohio History Fund has received 437 grant applications totaling $5.3 million in requests and pledges of $13.6 million in local matching funds.

The Ohio History Fund is one of the few grant programs in the state solely for archaeology, history, and preservation projects. Your contribution to the “Ohio History Fund” tax check-off on your state tax return makes these in-demand grants possible.

Thank you!