In preparation for a future presentation focusing on the Contributions of Women to Ohio Archaeology, we are gathering photographs of the women     who have worked in the field of archaeology within Ohio. Although our main focus is on early, and current, professionals in the field we also welcome information on women in the avocational archaeological community as well.

Our goal is to compile as many photographs of field, laboratory, and other activities as possible and put them into one repository for all to access and       enjoy. In addition, we anticipate the potential for a more formal publication          of the rich stories and breadth of activities by women archaeologists in the      state.

Please send your photo’s to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . When posting, please include the name of the person in the picture as well as the place and date (if possible). Also, include your name and contact information. We also welcome interesting, unique recollections or stories about Women in Ohio Archaeology as well.

Thanks in Advance:

Martha Otto, Ann Cramer, Shaune Skinner, Dee Anne Wymer,  and Cheryl Johnston

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