The Ohio History Fund is a competitive matching grant program for archaeology and history projects. Since the History Fund started in 2012, it’s made approximately 50 grants in more than 30 counties for a total of $448,000, including archaeological research, exhibit development, and site preservation. However, the Ohio History Fund has received more than 225 grant applications from 52 counties totaling $2.8 million in requests, proving that there is a great need for this grant program. The Ohio income tax check-off for the Ohio History Fund is main source of support for the grant program.

If you receive an Ohio income tax refund, you can donate all or part of it to the Ohio History Fund by writing in an amount on line 26c on your Ohio income tax return form. The goal for this year’s Ohio History Fund tax check-off is $88,000 (10% more than 2016). The more tax check-off donations the Fund receives in 2017, the more grants the program makes in 2018. Only non-profit organizations or government entities in Ohio can apply for grants.

Not receiving a refund? Other ways to support the History Fund: Ohio History “mastodon” license plate and direct, tax-deductible donations to the Ohio History Connection designated for the Ohio History Fund.

• Ohio History “mastodon” license plate, visit:

• To make a tax-deductible donation to the Ohio History Fund call 800.647.6921 for more information about making a gift.

To learn more, go to