The Ohio History Connection’s History Fund grant program is one of the few grant programs in the state for archaeology projects – and it needs your help to grow. If you receive a refund on your Ohio income taxes, donate all or a big portion of it to the "Ohio History Fund" tax "check-off," line 26c on your state tax return.

The goal for the History Fund this year is a modest $88,000, a 10% increase in tax check-off donations in 2016, an average $9 from 9,800 Ohioans. Coupled with sales of Ohio History mastodon license plates and donations to the Ohio History Connection for the History Fund (see below), our goal is to have at least $90,000 for the program next year.

Your donation makes possible grants for archaeology and history projects throughout Ohio. Since the Ohio History Fund started in 2012, it has made 47 grants in 32 counties for a total of $448,000. Proving there is a great need for the History Fund, it has received 224 grant applications from 52 counties, totaling $2.7 million in requests! For a list of grant recipients, visit

These grants included four archaeology-related projects (and even more applications):

Fort Recovery Historical Society, Fort Recovery (2015-16 cycle)

$17,500 for an archaeological field school and ground-penetrating radar survey at Fort Recovery, Mercer County.

Heartland Earthworks Conservancy, Hillsboro (2015-16 cycle)

$10,000 for a magnetometer survey of Steel Earthworks, Ross County. 

Dayton Society of Natural History (2013-14 cycle)

$16,000 to reconstruct the thatched roof of Big House, the central exhibit of SunWatch Indian Village/Archeological Park, a National Historic Landmark, Montgomery County.

Cleveland Museum of Natural History (2012-13 cycle)

$12,873 to pilot on a wider scale a proven and highly innovative means to quickly and inexpensively document prehistoric Native American archeological sites in the eastern Lake Erie basin.


Not receiving a tax refund? You can still help: buy an Ohio History mastodon license plate. Twenty dollars from the sale of each set of plates benefits the History Fund grant program. To learn more, visit: Select the History button.

You can also make a donation directly to the Ohio History Connection for the History Fund, visit

Questions about the History Fund? Visit or call Andy Verhoff in the Ohio History Connection’s Local History Service department at 614-297-2341 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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