On December 17, 2015, the Ohio Archaeological Council and Drs. Brian Kemp (Molecular Anthropologist, Washington State University) and Eske Willerslev (Evolutionary Biologist, University of Denmark), filed a friend of the court brief in support of White et al. v. University of California, et al. at the United States Supreme Court. This case concerns the proposed repatriation of the 9,000 year old La Jolla human remains. The brief was prepared by OAC Trustee Dr. Bradley T. Lepper and former OAC member and attorney Bradley K. Baker, as authorized by the OAC’s Board of Directors. The OAC filed a very similar brief regarding the interpretation of NAGPRA in the Kennewick Man case (Bonnichsen v. United States).

Our brief contends that the La Jolla human remains are not "Native American" as defined by NAGPRA, they have profound scientific importance, and repatriating the remains would damage NAGPRA’s delicate balance among the scientific and museum communities, Federal agencies, and Native Americans in the treatment of these and other ancient human remains.

The brief can be read here: