Book coverA new volume titled "Building the Past, Prehistoric Wooden Post Architecture in the Ohio Valley-Great Lakes," presents new and previously unpublished studies of precontact architecture in the Ohio region.   Most of the chapters in this new book are derived from a 2012 symposium sponsored by the Ohio Archaeological Council.  Eleven chapters discuss archaeological remnants of wooden post constructions dating from the Late Archaic through Late Prehistoric periods in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Ontario.  The book is published by the University Press of Florida.


List of Chapter Titles and Authors

Chapter One: Building the Past, An Introduction--Brian G. Redmond

Chapter Two: Dwelling on the Past: Late Archaic Structures of the Ohio River Region--Matthew P. Purtill

Chapter Three: For Immediate Occupancy: Cozy 3000 Year Old Heritage Winter House with River View Near Lake Huron: Apply to Terminal Archaic Realty--Christopher J. Ellis, James R. Keron, John Menzies, Stephen G. Monckton, Andrew Stewart

Chapter Four: The Ecology of Indigenous Domestic Architecture in the Hocking River Valley, Ohio--Elliot M. Abrams and Paul E. Patton

Chapter Five: The Several Uses of Wooden Posts During the Hopewell Era--Nomi Greber

Chapter Six: The End--Robert V. Riordan

Chapter Seven: Living Large on the Bottom: A Structural Engineering Analysis of Three Ohio Hopewell Structures from Brown's Bottom, Ross Co., Ohio--Noah Kanter, Paul J. Pacheco, Renato Perucchio, and Jarrod Burks

Chapter Eight: Changes in Pre-Contact Domestic Architecture at the Heckelman Site in Northern Ohio--Brian G. Redmond and Brian L. Scanlan

Chapter Nine: Wall Trench Structures in Fort Ancient Villages of Southwest Ohio and Southeast Indiana: Temporal and Formal Considerations--Robert A. Cook and Robert A. Genheimer

Chapter Ten: Building Community on the White River in Central Indiana: Structures as Reflective of Societal Change at the Late Prehistoric Castor Farm Site--Robert G. McCullough

Chapter Eleven: Fort Ancient Public Structures--David Pollack and Gwynn Henderson

Chapter Twelve: A Framework for Interpreting Structures--William Kennedy and Geoff Carter

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