Junction Squier and Davis exp to 300The Junction Group was bought at auction this week by our coalition of conservation groups! We did it! And what a feeling it was when the gavel finally hit the podium at the auction. There were many people in the room at the auction and I think most of them were there to see us buy the property. In the end we came away with Parcels 1 (the earthworks), 3 (wooded slope) and 4 (wooded slope)--exactly what we went there to buy. Believe it or not there was a bit of a run on the wooded parcels as these were the properties the developers and the hunters were after...go figure! Perhaps everybody heard that there was an earthwork site with burials on Parcel 1 and decided it was just too much of a hot potato to get involved with? Regardless, once closing occurs, The Archaeological Conservancy will be the proud new owners of an amazing Ohio earthwork site.
For those who pledged and donated to help save Junction, thank you so much--we could not have done it without you. The Heartland Earthworks Conservancy raised about $37,000 in 2.5 weeks. Combined, all of the groups involved raised over $300,000. Crazy to think that is even possible. Apparently there are a lot of people out there interested in helping to protect threatened archaeology sites in Ohio. If you missed out on the chance to pledge or donate for Junction and would still like to give, we are still raising money for the new park: we have a lot of work ahead to re-seed the place in native plants, develop interpretive and nature trails, and create interpretive signage. This all takes funds, so whatever is leftover after the property is paid off will be put toward developing the park. We also have other projects lined up for later this year, so you will have other opportunities to get involved, if you would like.
Thanks again for making the Save the Junction Campaign a success! Feel free to visit us at www.earthworksconservancy.org to donate or just check out what is going on in the earthworks world. We are also on Facebook. On the next project we will try to give everybody more time to get involved!

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