Ohio General Assembly:

·         HB43/SB33. The Adena Pipe is now the State Artifact.

·         Approximately 270 bills introduced. Am Sub. HB 59, state budget bill, tracking OHS budget and appointment of Oil and Gas Leasing Commission. An amendment proposed by Rep. Carney at the urging of the OAC and OHPO requiring the Oil and Gas Leasing Commission to consider impacts on archaeological resources and consult with OHPO was not included in Am. Sub. HB 59.

·         HB 122k, proposed elimination of tax check-offs that do not raise $250,000 or more every year. Ohio History Fund raised only $130,000 in 2011, its first year. Possible elimination of the History Fund tax check-off later this year if this provision of the bill is enacted. OHS working to amend bill. Each of the other three tax check-off funds receives more than $400,000 annually from the tax check-off. In 2012, one archaeological project received a grant from the History Fund.


ACRA CRM industry survey:

·         1,300 CRM firms.

·         Employ 10,000 professionals.

·         Generated >$1 billion revenue in 2012.

·         This information will be disseminated to partner groups in Washington, DC and used in ACRA’s lobbying efforts on The Hill during ACRA’s CRM Day and Congressional reception on Oct. 10.



·         Working to counter NEPA/Section 106 exemptions in various bills.

·         SAA, SHA, and ACRA gathering facts on NEPA/Section 106 re. length of time it takes, how much it costs, etc. Re. 106, last report to Congress 2004-2007 there were 354,850 overviews and site file checks (average 86,212, with range from 31,266 to 146,644) and 135,642 field studies (average 33,910, range 24,111-37,626). Some agencies do not report (particularly, DoD agencies) and others (particularly FHWA) are not consistent in terms of reporting. Even so, there are clearly lots of 106 undertakings, most of which (probably well more than 95%) go through without a problem. Without Federal laws we have no ability to even know what kinds of sites we are losing to development, much less protect significant cultural resources. The Obama administration tried to do a similar run around NEPA and NHPA on “green” energy projects in the West. Primarily tribes, although there were others, protested and got them to back down. Congress will likely try again on a variety of energy related projects and we need to be prepared for “defederalization” of classes of undertakings as well as broadside attacks on NEPA/NHPA.


Ohio Utilities Damage Prevention Coalition (OUDPC):

·         Revised call before you dig law became effective 3/27/13.

·         OUDPC working on another bill under the guidance of state Rep. Sprague for accountability/enforcement, training, and possible exemptions. Ohio is one of 9 states that lag in these areas and certain Fed. Govt. agencies, esp. DOT/PHMSA re. pipeline safety management, are targeting these states for grant prohibitions if they don’t upgrade their laws. Gov. Kasich and state legislature are aware and want something done.


Section 106 Consulting Party:

·         USACE-Huntington, Stuart Station (Adams County), possible adverse affects to four sites.

·         DEL-315/Powell Road avoid impacts to possible NRHP eligible mill complex.

·         USACE-Huntington, village of Zoar, Tuscarawas County.

·         FHWA/ODOT, Eastern Corridor (Hamilton and Clermont counties).



·         DSHPO and former OAC member Ruffini retiring in June. Replacement may be on board by then.

·         Looking to increase budget line item to make cash match and offset federal sequester.

·         Small group of CRM, academics and OHPO staff meeting late June at OHPO to discuss impacts of shale oil and gas on archaeological resources.


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