President's Message - Spring 2004

Robert V. Riordan

Since the Fall 2003 Membership meeting, the OAC Board of Trustees has met twice, in December 2003 and again in early March 2004. We have continued to work on issues that were already on the table and have begun to address some new things.

One major change we have initiated is to move from a statewide celebration of an Archaeology Week in June to an Archaeology Month, slated for this coming October. The Education Committee has begun to both plan some events and to solicit funds to cover its publicity. Switching to a month will bring us in step with many other states and allow more interested units to participate; observing it in the fall instead of June will mean that schools are in session, increasing the potential audience for events, and removing it from our prime fieldwork season.

The subject of publishing the papers from our past conferences was also addressed. The Historic Archaeology conference papers of 1998 are being edited by Don Ball, and the volume is expected be published by Fall 2004. The OAC will have 210 copies produced for its distribution and sale. The Early Woodland and Archaic papers are being edited by Martha Otto, and a University press is currently reviewing a prospectus of the volume. It was felt that although a joint enterprise of this sort will mean that the OAC will not realize the kind of profits that our earlier volumes made for us, it was more important to find a means of getting this project completed sooner than later. Finally, the Board voted to support the reprinting of 400 copies of A View From the Core. This volume sold out its initial print run of 1000 copies, and we are hopeful that it will continue to sell for several years to come. Authors were recently contacted to make corrections to their contributions, so that the second printing will be a corrected version of the original text.

We had hoped to have the revised Code of Regulations out to the membership this spring, but circumstances have conspired to delay its mailing until this summer. The revised Code will be discussed and voted upon at the Fall 2004 membership meeting.

May your trowels be sharp and your interpretations keen during the coming field season (ancient archaeological proverb).