OAC Comments on Current Preservation Issues

In December 2003, on behalf of the Council, President Bob Riordan prepared and sent the following letters to address two important issues in Ohio archaeology. The first letter briefly addressed on-going destruction of the Danbury site in Ottawa County. The second letter protested the destruction of important archaeological sites by state funded or permitted projects.

Mr. Martin P. Wargo
U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Buffalo District
1776 Niagara Street, Regulatory Branch
Buffalo, NY 14207

December 10, 2003

Dear Mr. Wargo:

I am writing to you on behalf of the membership of the Ohio Archaeological Council (OAC) to express our interest and concern over the situation taking place in the vicinity of the Danbury archaeological site (33Ot16), located within the "Cove on the Bay" development in Danbury Township, Ottawa County, Ohio. The Ohio Archaeological Council is a private, non-profit corporation registered with the State of Ohio since 1975 as a charitable, scientific and educational corporation. We are a membership organization comprised of over 100 professional archaeologists and five institutions engaged in archaeological research and interpretation, site preservation and public education in Ohio.

Since August 2003, some of our members as well as the Board of Directors have been monitoring with alarm the significant destruction and continuing threat to documented archaeological resources on the property. Consequently, the OAC is very interested in any undertaking the USACOE will conduct in relation to the proposed marina at Cove on the Bay or on the neighboring property being developed as "Harbor Bay Estates" by Mr. Scott Prephan. We, therefore, respectfully request that the Ohio Archaeological Council be designated as an "interested party" and kept informed of any review processes which may take place in relation to these properties.

Robert Riordan, President
Ohio Archaeological Council