President's Message - October 2003

Brian G. Redmond

As I enter my last few weeks as president of the OAC, I want to extend my thanks and appreciation to the members of our Board (both past and present) who have helped me along the way. All of our members should understand that these are extremely talented and dedicated people who have given a great deal of time and effort to an organization that they truly believe in. Whatever small achievements I have made as president could not have been realized without the help of these fine folks.

2002-03 OAC Board of Directors: (L to R) J. Burks, B. Redmond, C. Keener, M. Otto, M. Purtill, A. Tonetti, R. Riordan.

At the October 3 meeting of the Board of Directors, we discussed a number of important issues including the publication of the Late Archaic/Early Woodland volume, proposed revisions to the OAC Code of Regulations, and the development of a membership survey. You will hear detailed reports on the status of these and other projects at our upcoming membership meeting on Saturday, November 8 at High Bank Metro Park. President-elect, Bob Riordan, has put together an interesting program of presentation on recent archaeological research projects in Ohio that will precede and follow the membership meeting. At this meeting we will also announce the results of the fall elections. I strongly encourage all members to join us on November 8.

Late in our recent Board meeting, I proposed that the Council create a new ad hoc committee to oversee all OAC publications, including the Newsletter and the website. I volunteered to chair this committee and Martha Otto generously agreed to serve on the committee as well. I made this proposal in an effort to coordinate our traditionally separate tasks of conference publication and newsletter production while at the same time including our new effort to maintain a viable website. Taken together, these publication projects have become a very important part of what the OAC does and how it strives to fulfill its mission. Consequently, I thought it appropriate that this increasingly important aspect of the Council have a "voice" on the Board of Directors by being formalized as an ad hoc committee. After my term ends on November 8, I plan to devote most of my service to the Council through this new committee. I welcome the participation of other members who share my appreciation for this particular form of outreach.


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