President's Message - March 2002

Brian G. Redmond

As I begin my two-year term as President of the OAC, I am happy to report that the future of our organization looks bright. Our membership has nearly reached the 120 mark and continues to increase. The Council website is now on-line, thanks to the work of Christopher Pierce, and already contains a wealth of news, articles, and other information related to archaeology in our state.

The Board of Directors has been quite busy since the fall membership meeting. We held a face-to-face meeting in February, but much of our business is now being conducted via e-mail dialogues. One benefit of this new medium has been the streamlining of our approval system for selecting new members. Craig Keener and his Membership Committee have promptly processed and secured Trustee approval of several new membership applications just since January. I think that the shorter turn-around time that this new procedure provides may be, in part, responsible for the accelerated growth of our membership.


Of course, people don't join an organization like ours solely on the basis of an efficient membership system or even the availability of a good website. The fine turnout of members and interested guests at our November membership meeting at Highbanks Metropark confirmed my long-held belief that the OAC works best when our people get together to 'talk archaeology.' This includes listening to formal presentations, holding informal chats out in the hall, and even taking a long walk on a beautiful fall day to see an archaeological site (thanks Martha!). President-elect, Bob Riordan is busy planning our spring meeting which is set for Saturday, May 18 at the Ohio Historical Society.

Finally, allow me to return to the birth of our website which has made it possible for the OAC to reach a much larger audience. We anticipate that this exposure will increase the sales of our current publications, attract new members, and provide current information on Ohio archaeology beyond our membership to other professionals and the interested public. As you examine the website content, you will notice that much of it is derived from past issues of the OAC Newsletter. I see this as the initial stage in a natural evolution of our organization's communication function. This is, in other words, a tranformation of a static and rather limited medium, the paper newsletter, into a dynamic and virtually unlimited format which is the OAC website. With this new capability now in-hand, I and the Board no longer see the need or can justify the cost of publishing the current hard copy version of the Newsletter. Consequently, I have decided that the October issue (Volume 14, No. 2) will be the last in the series. Beginning in 2003, the typical contents of our Newsletter will be published only on the OAC website. I will discuss these changes in greater detail in the October issue of the Newsletter (and on the website!) so please stay tuned. In the meantime, I encourage your thoughts and constructive comments concerning all aspects of the Council's activities, publications, and programs. As I said at the outset, our future looks very bright!

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