I’d like to thank all the members that participated in this survey and apologize for the initial glitches with the online format. We received many diverse responses—there is a lot of valuable information to digest and discuss. The summary below serves as an overview and was presented at the Spring 2008 Membership Meeting on May 16. A complete set of questions and the compiled answers can be downloaded in PDF format.


Section I. The OAC’s Mission

The overwhelming majority responded that the OAC's mission is still relevant (90%). 


Section II.  Membership Services and Participation

Part A. Activities

This section posed a series of questions on the activities either currently undertaken by the Board or activities that have been discussed within the past year. Major areas covered were Government Affairs, Education/Public Outreach, and Professional Services. The majority (70+%) responded that each activity was somewhat to extremely important. There was no mandate to drop activities—only to add activities.


Part B. Grants, Awards and Scholarships

Part B posed a series of questions regarding the current grant program and future changes to grants as well as the possibility of creating a scholarship program.

The majority responded that the grant program should not be expanded and that a scholarship program should not be developed. Expansion of grants: Respondents=32; Yes 37.5% (n=12), No 62.5% (n=20).  Scholarship program: Respondents=33; Yes 36% (n=12), No 64% (n=21).

Interestingly, people said they would be willing to donate at least $25/year to a scholarship program. Respondents=32; Yes 57.5% (n=19), No 42.5% (n=13).

The majority of respondents supported developing an award for the best student paper presented at an OAC conference or biannual meeting. Respondents=35; Yes 86% (n=30), No 14% (n=5).

Part C. Member Participation

Part C asked a series of questions designed to gather information that could be used to address possible changes in the Code of Regulations and to increase participation.

The respondents were split nearly 50/50 on whether the Code of Regulations should be amended to allow Associate members to serve on committees even though they do not have the right to vote; ultimately the majority said no. Respondents=33; Yes 45.5% (n=15), No 54.5% (n=18).

The majority responded that the Code of Regulations should be amended so that Trustees are elected to serve as chairs of specific committees rather than being elected on an at-large basis. Respondents=30; Yes 73% (n=22), No 27% (n=8).

The respondents did not have a clear preference on when meetings should be held. Respondents=34; Fridays 23.5% (n=8), Saturdays 23.5% (n=8), Alternating Fridays/Saturdays 6% (n=2), Does Not Matter 47% (n=16).

64.5% said they would be willing to pay more in dues (usually no more than an additional $15).


Part D.  Fund Raising

This series of questions focused on gaining membership input on fundraising ideas.

Good ideas on fund raising. 67% of respondents felt the OAC should produce "marketing" tools like t-shirts, mugs, etc., to "enhance visibility" and raise funds.


Part E. Publications

The Board is exploring ways to produce future publications.

Four options were presented. A majority supported a and d:

a) Hold a special conference every two or three years on a theme or time period resulting in the publication of a volume or book similar to the first three published by the OAC.

d) Develop an occasional publication series of monographs presenting the results of important CRM archaeological research, theses, dissertations, etc.

67% said they would serve on a publications committee, but only 31% would be willing to be a technical editor.


Part F. Ohio Archaeology Month (OAM)

50/50 split of respondents in terms of whether or not they had offered their services for an OAM event. The majority of respondents had not attended an event they were not involved in creating. Those who had participated in OAM had overwhelmingly positive experiences whether putting on or just attending an event. Low public attendance and the need for better advertising were, however, noted by the respondents.




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