OAC Grants: Purpose, History, and Opportunity
Chair, OAC Grants Committee

The Ohio Archaeological Council (OAC) was formed to promote and support archaeological research and site preservation and to educate the public about Ohio's rich archaeological legacy. The OAC Grant is designed to assist OAC members and their students in graduate and post-graduate research, salvage fieldwork, site preservation, specialized materials analysis or preservation, absolute dating (radiocarbon, OCR, etc.), the preparation of exhibits, and for assisting with publication or pre-publication expenses.

The OAC Grant offers up to $750 to aid in such research. Over the past decades, the OAC has provided funding to aid in archaeological research on a variety of Ohio projects and educational pursuits. The majority of this funding has been distributed in the form of two grants: an OAC Grant and more recently the Patricia Essenpreis Memorial Grant. Between 1984 and 2004, the OAC  awarded 19 such grants. Of these projects, all pertained to prehistoric archaeological investigations and include funding for radiocarbon dates, salvage field projects, and paleobotanical, faunal, textile, petrographic, obsidian hydration, and human skeletal analyses. One funded the acquisition of infrared aerial photographs for an extensive, problem-oriented research survey. Another aided in the development of a website dedicated to Ohio archaeology education. Each of the funded projects have added considerably to our knowledge, understanding, and promotion of Ohio archaeology.

The Patricia Essenpreis Memorial Grant was established in 1992 in memory of the late Patricia Essenpreis. The Grant offers up to $1,250 per project to support research, preservation, and education in areas of Patricia's own special interests: Ohio Hopewell and Fort Ancient studies. Funding for research in other areas and time periods, however, will be considered.

The initial deadline for submission of both grant applications is June 1 of each year. The Grants Committee will review all applications by July 15, at which time a recommendation for approval/rejection will be forwarded to the Board of Trustees for a final determination. The Board of Trustees may elect to fund several projects in any given year, dependent on funding. The Board of Trustees will approve or reject grant applications by July 31.

Because funding needs often are the result of unexpected, or unplanned, occurrences (e.g., salvage work), the Grants Committee also will consider any applications received between June 2 and December 1. These applications, however, will be reviewed in the order that they are received and approval will be dependent upon available annual funding. Accordingly, applications received prior to June 1 have a better chance at receiving funding and are encouraged. All applications received after December 1 will not be reviewed until June 1 of the following year.

All grant recipients are required to report the project's results to the OAC membership with a presentation at an OAC meeting and/or an article published in the OAC Newsletter. This shall be done within two years of written notice of the acceptance of the application by the OAC Board of Trustees. The application form is available via the link below. All applications must be submitted electronically as well as in writing.

Send applications to:

Grants Committee Chair

Ohio Archaeological Council

P.O. Box 82012

Columbus, Ohio 43202

Contact: Bradley Lepper This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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