Tinker’s Creek Greenway Property, Portage County, Ohio: Phase I Evaluation of Cultural Resources

James D. Norris, Ashley Rutkoski, Alyssa Perrone, Anna Mika, Heather Smith, Michael Wilson, Fernando Diez-Martin, Metin I. Eren

Introduction and Physical Setting

The Tinker’s Creek Greenway property encompasses approximately 53 hectares. Portage County Parks received a $300,000 Land and Water Conservation Fund grant to assist with purchasing of the property for the purposes of developing a park called Trail Lake. In following federal regulations in development of the park, an archeological assessment was required and conducted by Kent State archaeologists.

The property is bounded by Ravenna road to the south and to the east by Ferguson road (Figure 1). Within the property boundaries, there are several different types of landscapes: patches of forested areas to the northwest; agricultural fields to the southeast; glacial kames in the northwest corner; and wetlands to the north that connect to Herrick Fen State Nature Preserve and Gressard Lake at the center (Figure 2). The property is under a mile away from Tinker’s Creek, a notable water source that has numerous archaeological sites within its watershed.

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