A Preliminary Report of a Luminescence Date for a Hopewell Ceremonial Clay Basin from Seip-Pricer Mound 

James K. Feathers, Stephen M. Biehl, Stephanie Kline, and Bradley T. Lepper 

In late summer/early fall of 2018, while re-organizing some storage shelves within the archaeology collections at the Ohio History Connection, two large storage drawers that were covered with a thin sheet of paper were discovered on a shelf. A label written on the paper read, “Hopewell Culture Basin, AX152.” The drawer was found to contain several fragments, ranging in size and shape, of a Hopewell clay basin. The fragments were reassembled on a large table and several fragments were found to be missing from the center where the basin is thinner and thus more fragile (Figure 1).  The collection number on the paper covering, “AX152”, was a temporary collection number assigned to these fragments, but no information as to their provenance was recorded in the available documentation. This basin clearly had been excavated with care from one of the Hopewell mound sites investigated by the Ohio History Connection and brought back to the museum presumably for display purposes.

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