Current Research in the Lower Huron River Valley of Northcentral Ohio: Taylor Mortuary Site (33Er3)

David M. Stothers
University of Toledo

George B. DeMuth
Sandusky Bay Chapter, Archaeological Society of Ohio

The Taylor site (33Er3) is located a few miles south of Lake Erie along the bluffs overlooking the Huron River in northcentral Ohio.  Beginning with Emerson Greenman's archaeological testing of the site in 1930, and followed by extensive scientific excavations beginning in 1992 by the Sandusky Bay chapter of A.S.O., new insights and knowledge about prehistoric Sandusky (Aictaeronon) tribal origins and development have emerged.  In addition, a complete 1830's Euro-american cabin floor was uncovered which has been positively linked to the early pioneer William Pollack through cartographic and archival documentation.


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