Recent excavations at the Haven Site (33DL1448) and the Knowlton Site (33DL1450)

Ryan J. Weller, Weller & Associates, Inc.

The Haven and Knowlton Sites were identified as part of a Cultural Resource Management (CRM) survey within a gravity sewer easement. Weller & Associates, Inc conducted the work in the fall of 2004 for by the Delaware County Sanitary Engineer's Office. The sites are located in southern Delaware County within the Olentangy River Valley. Data recovery work at the Haven and Knowlton Sites has identified numerous features dating from the Middle Woodland and Late Prehistoric periods. Structural remains were identified at both sites including eight dating from the Middle Woodland period (Haven) and three from the Late Prehistoric (Knowlton). The work involved mechanically removing the plowzone from segments of the construction easement. The majority of the features encountered at the sites include hearths, earth ovens, storage facilities, and postmolds. These sites add important information on settlement- and household-scale structure during the Middle Woodland and Late Prehistoric periods in central Ohio.

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