The Millwood Rockshelter (33KN395), Knox County and Residential Structure over Time in Prehistoric Central Ohio

P. Nick Kardulias, College of Wooster

Excavation of the Millwood Rockshelter in the Kokosing River drainage of Knox County in central Ohio has revealed a large assemblage of potsherds and lithics. The potsherds are all grit- tempered cord-marked specimens that date to the Late Woodland period. Petrographic analysis of the potsherds revealed that the grit temper is igneous in origin, yet no such igneous source lies anywhere nearby. The lithics reveal long-term but sporadic occupation, beginning in the Early Archaic and ending in the Late Prehistoric period. These discoveries raise fundamental questions concerning the degree of residential mobility. Coupled with information from other excavations and GIS analysis of the region, we are beginning to discern a settlement pattern in which Woodland peoples moved regularly among a variety of valley sites, despite the advent of horticultural subsistence.

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