The Koenig Quartz Deposit at the Stubbs Earthworks Complex, Warren County, Ohio

Frank L. Cowan, Robert A. Genheimer, and Ted S. Sunderhaus
F. COWAN & ASSOCIATES and Cincinnati Museum Center

The Koenig Quartz Deposit is 150 kilograms of vein quartz and rock (crystal) quartz recovered by artifact collectors from a large pit within the Barnyard West site, 33WA760, near the Stubbs Earthworks. This Hopewellian deposit consists largely of unmodified chunks and cobbles of vein quartz unsuitable for refined tool production, but it is accompanied by large quantities of high-grade rock quartz flintknapping debitage and fragments of thin bifacial tools and other retouched artifacts. The deposit is described, probable source areas are discussed, and efforts are made to understand the meaning behind the long-distance transport and deposition of this material.

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