Articles and Abstracts 2005

Title Author
The Ohio Hopewell Blade Industry at the Turner Workshop Written by Kevin C. Nolan
University of Akron Geophysical Survey in the Cuyahoga River Valley Written by Linda Whitman and Timothy Matney
The Dundee: An Interim Report Written by Carrie E. Sowden
Saving the Danbury Site (33Ot16) Written by Brian G. Redmond
Current Research in the Lower Huron River Valley Written by David M. Stothers and George B. DeMuth
Late Woodland Hunting Patterns Written by Staci Spertzel
Variability and Uniformity in Middle Woodland Ceramics Written by Ted S. Sunderhaus
Black and White and Buried All Over Written by Frank L. Cowan
Preliminary Results from The Barnyard Site, Stubbs Earthwork Complex Written by Robert A. Genheimer
Investigating Ohio Hopewell Settlement Patterns in Central Ohio: Written by Paul J. Pacheco, Jarrod Burks, & Dee Anne Wymer