The Horn Property, Hocking County: Preliminary Results from the First Season

Jarrod Burks, Hopewell Culture NHP, Joe Wakeman, Hocking College, Staci Spertzel, Ohio University, and Cheryl Johnston, Hocking College

Some of the best opportunities come a-knockin' when you least expect them. A chance introduction to a Hocking County landowner has given us the opportunity to save three, archaeologically rich rock shelters from total destruction and has led to the discovery of an important new open air site in the Middle Hocking Valley. In the presentation we explored some of our findings from the first season of what we hope to be a long-term survey and intensive investigation of cultural remains on the Horn property, near Rockbridge, Ohio. As expected, the rockshelters have excellent bone preservation, and water screening of back dirt from the previous "excavations" has yielded hundreds of small, complete, and fragmentary animal bones, among many other objects. Quite unexpectedly, however, at least five classic, Middle Woodland period bladelets were also recovered during the work in 2003. In addition, this project is an interesting test case for understanding the importance and dynamics of private landowner education in the preservation of Ohio's past.