Test Excavations at the Quaker Valley Pottery, Columbiana Co., Ohio

James L. Murphy, Ohio State University Libraries

Limited test excavation at the site of the Quaker Valley Pottery, in the little town of Rogers, Columbiana Co., Ohio, provides considerable information on the yellow ware and Rockingham products of this small, late-19th century pottery. The two-kiln pottery operated only from 1895 to 1898; it burned to the ground shortly after being taken over by Eugene and Theodore Bradshaw in 1900 and was converted to whiteware production.

Based upon waster material from a one meter square test excavation, the Quaker Valley Pottery produced a very limited range of yellow ware forms decorated with Rockingham, a coarsely spattered cobalt and Rockingham glaze, and, more rarely, cobalt glazes. Waster material indicates that glaze bubbling was a significant problem with the Rockingham glaze.

Shapes include cuspidors, chamber pots, milk pans, nappies and pie plates, mixing bowls, and teapots. Conspicuously absent is the jug or pitcher. Although none of the material appears to be marked, unique features permit attribution of complete examples of some of the forms, including a Rebekah at the Well teapot and a uniquely decorated brown- banded chamberpot.