Articles and Abstracts 2001

Title Author
Were Unifacial Tools Regularly Hafted by Clovis Foragers in the Lower Great Lakes? Written by Administrator
Strait Site Radiocarbon Dates Revealed Written by Jarrod Burks
Underground at the Underground Railroad: Testing at John P. Parker's House Written by Bob Genheimer
The Smith Site: A Small Hopewell Site Overlooking the Stubbs Earthworks Written by Ted S. Sunderhaus, Rodney Riggs and Frank L. Cowan
North Graveyard Excavation Written by Ryan J Weller
Preliminary Results of Investigations at a Late Archaic Occupation along the Ohio River Written by Matthew P. Purtill
Dating the Stubbs "Woodworks" Written by Frank L. Cowan and Ted S. Sunderhaus
Hopewell Mound Group: Data Collection in 2001 Written by Jennifer Pederson, Jarrod Burks and William Dancey
Hopewell Copper in Context at Mound City Group Written by Jarrod Burks
Fire, Smoke, and Stone at the Pollock Works Written by Robert V. Riordan